Chicago Shame


In 2013, Chicago Public Schools proudly announced a record graduation rate – 65.4 percent. That’s an increase over the previous year, likely because the district allowed students to complete academic work in five years instead of four.

But digging deeper into the numbers, one can see a greater reason for despair. While the CTU was out on strike and demanding a 20 percent raise, standardized testing revealed only 21 percent of 8th graders were proficient in reading while 20 percent were proficient in math.

Source: April 22, 2014

It’s Shameful on 2 fronts;

First, how can Chicago’s Public Schools’ Administrators & Teachers allow their students to not receive better Education than they’ve been getting? I mean, if the Chicago Educators didn’t notice major problems in their Students’ Reading & Math Skills 6 or 7 years ago & immediately address the problems, they should have had the decency to resign. Instead, the Educators turned a “Blind-Eye” to the Students & the above percentages prove it!!!

The Second Shame is the Chicago Teachers’ Union Striking for a 20% Increase in Salary when the above percentages prove they obviously DON’T DESERVE ANY PAY INCREASE AT ALL!!!

Disrespect Has to be Earned

My father taught me ”A Person Doesn’t Have To Earn Your Respect”… He told me “A Person Has To Earn Your Disrespect”… That You Should Go Thru Life Respecting Anyone-and-Everyone – he even said “A homeless bum on the street deserves your Respect, because what did he ever do that you should Disrespect him”…

My father said “Respect someone until they do something to Earn Your Disrespect… Once They’ve Earned Your Disrespect They Need to Do Something to Regain Your Respect”…

Actual Imortance of 2014 Elections

Many GOPers in the USA are stating points that are – in fact – misleading…

The GOP taking control of the USA Senate in 2014 will NOT Stop Pres Obama… He’ll simply look to issue Executive Orders pushing the DemLib-Socialist Agenda as far as he can…

This does NOT mean winning a Majority in the USA Senate by the GOP is Meaningless… At least a Majority of GOP Members in Both Houses of Congress will allow the GOP Budgets to Pass the House & Senate AND FORCE PRES OBAMA TO VETO THEM, something Harry Reid & the DemLib-Socialist Senate has BUFFERED Pres Obama from having to do…

And This – HOPEFULLY – Will Lead to the GOP winning the House, the Senate & the PRESIDENCY in 2016… And by January 20, 2017 start the Dismantling of the SPENDING-AND-TAXING the USA to Death…

January 20, 2017

I have always felt on January 20, 2017, at 10-or-11 AM, An-Hour-or-Two Before He Officially Leaves Office, Pres Obama will Grant Full Pardons to the 11+ Million Illegal MEXICANS & Full Pardons to Every Illegal MEXICAN in USA Prisons… He’ll sign these Pardons at that time because He Does Have To Ride With Whomever Has Won The 2016 Presidential Election & Won’t Be At The WH After 10-or-11 AM…

ACA Penalty for Not Being Eligible

ACA-DemLib-SocialistCareless tells millions of people they “aren’t eligible” and to use the State’s Medicaid Program… But if you don’t use the Medicaid Program & you don’t sign-up with a Private Insurer, the Fed Government will Fine You a Penalty.

But how can they?

Say you were declined by the ACA Program INITIALLY! How can they then Fine you later for not purchasing Health Insurance?

USA Presidential Elections

USA Presidential Elections should incorporate the two methods Presidents and Vice-Presidents are elected.

The first way is when a Candidate wins a Majority of Electoral College Votes (today its 270 Votes to Win). But this method could have as few as 13 States Elect a President and Vice-President, in effect disenfranchising 37 States and very likely a Majority of Voters.

The second way is when No Candidate wins a Majority of Electoral College Votes, the House of Representatives Elects the President and the Senate Elects the Vice-President.

This second method has 50 Votes being cast in the House – one Vote from each State - for President. So, even though California may have 53 House Members and Maine may have 1, both States cast only 1 Vote for President. Currently, 26 States are needed to win. But this Method could disenfranchise 24 of the most populous States and very likely a Majority of Voters as well.

The Senate has every Senator casting a Vote and a Majority is needed to Elect the Vice-President (which currently would be 51 Votes). Here again, this method could disenfranchise 24 of the most populous States and very likely a Majority of Voters as well.

My method combines both methods. A candidate would need to win a Majority of Electoral Votes (currently 270) and a Majority of States (currently 26).

My method allows for the more populated States, such as California and Texas, to effect the Electoral Count, but would allow the less populated States, such as Maine and Wyoming, to have a much more equal footing than they now have in Electing the President and Vice-President.

2014 Debt Already Greater than 2013

Pres Obama’s Total Debt for FY 2013 was $671 Billion 942 Million
The Total Debt was $16.738 Trillion

Pres Obama’s Debt for the first 5 months of FY 2014 is $725 Billion 45 Million
March’s Debt through the 25th is $92 Billion 756 Million
FY 2014 YTD Debt is $817 Billion 801 Million
ALREADY $145 Billion 859 Million MORE THAN ALL OF 2013
The Total Debt currently is at $17.555 Trillion

So much for his deceasing the Yearly Debt… By the end of FY 2014, the USA Debt will be more than $18 Trillion


ACA Merely Socialist Ploy


Controlling HealthCare is only a ploy – a scheme – by DemLib-Socialists to collapse the USA Capitalist Society that has produced the MOST VIBRANT NATION EVER SEEN IN HUMAN EXISTANCE???


Before ACA-HealthCare became Law, there were 30 Million Un-Insured USA Citizens.

This was the main thrust of the Act.

ACA-HealthCare Officials now state that 30 Million USA Citizens will not be covered under its Policies and Regulations.

Nothing has changed.


So, how can HealthCare be less Expensive with this MONSTROSITY added?!?



Controlling HealthCare is only a ploy – a scheme – by DemLib-Socialists to collapse the USA Capitalist Society that has prodeuced the MOST VIBRANT NATION EVER SEEN IN HUMAN EXISTANCE!!!

Time For GOP Change


The GOP RINO’s Can’t Be Trusted… They TALK Conservative & VOTE Liberal… THEY MUST BE STOPPED IN THE PRIMARIES…

And trust me, there is No Such Thing as a Conservative Voting Dem… They TALK Conservative & VOTE Liberal (just check their Voting Records, the only times they’ll Vote Conservative is when the Bill has already Passed in the Liberals’ Favor & Their Vote Doesn’t Matter, so they look More Conservative)… So, don’t even bother thinking about so called Conservative Dems…


When the GOP wins a Majority in both the House & Senate in 2014, don’t be surprised when Pres Obama merely steps-up his pace on Executive Orders to Socialize the USA as much as possible before the 2016 Elections…

We need to have the Federal Courts & especially the Supreme Court to STOP PRES OBAMA’s MISUSE OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS ASAP… NOW…

We need to have the GOP in Congress put-up Appeal after Appeal regarding Pres Obama’s Executive Orders within 24 hours of his signing them… We need to have GOP Governors do the same… We need to have GOP State Legislatures do the same…

And the GOP shouldn’t wait till after the 2014 Elections to start REALLY APPEALING… We need to have the GOP THAT ARE CURRENTLY IN OFFICE NOW TO START ACTING N-O-W…